Travel To South America: Just How To Start

You set your mind and you prepare to take a trip to South America, a wonderful area of tremendous elegance where myth and also tale continue to walk hand in hand. I’ve taken a trip 18 months in South America as well as can offer you some ideas on how to prepare yourself for a memorable adventure.

Common Sense

We all hear the undesirable stories as well as South America has a fame of threatening. I took a trip hundreds of miles passing through cities, forests, islands and mountains. I made it through 6 weeks in a street kid care facility in the favelas of Salvador da Bahía (Brazil) as well as had the event of a lifetime during circus. Nothing, I duplicate, nothing occurred. Use your good sense. Stay clear of terribly lit roads during the night and also if your sixth sense is providing you the “something is wrong” indicator then take a taxi to your destination.

Travel Overview Book

The very first point that you will require is a traveling guide book. It will certainly be your best buddy in your look for journey. I can extremely advise Lonely Planet ´ s South America on a Small
to get you began. The book covers all you need to recognize to get the most out of your trip as well as is ideal to prepare your journey ahead. I’ve utilized the overview thoroughly during my 18 month experience. They supply excellent separate traveling guides of all the nations (besides utilizing the Lonely Earth Shoestring I’ve used their separate traveling overviews of Peru and Brazil). Their overviews are one of the most preferred amongst backpackers.

Other popular guides are The Rough Overview to South America and also the South American Manual. Perfect, however not useful due to the fact that you wish to take a trip light, would certainly be to take pleasure in the adventure with a Lonesome Earth and also either the Rough Guide or the Manual.

Spanish and also Brazilian Portuguese

The most fulfilling point for me was the reality that you can travel in a significant continent like South America with only 2 languages. Spanish and also Portuguese. If you prepare to travel just for a couple of weeks you can purchase a Spanish and/or Brazilian Portuguese Expression Publication. English is not widely talked and also a fundamental understanding of Spanish and/or Portuguese makes the journey so much more satisfying (they’re extremely going to assist you, so don’t fret, more than happy).

If on the other hand you’re preparing to travel for a few months I can extremely advise taking a language program. Suitable would be in a college in South America (I took lessons in Quito, Ecuador, as well as had an exclusive teacher for $2.50/ h).

Walking Footwear

South America’s nature is frustrating. You’ll walk for lots of hours day in day out. It would be a pity to stroll in the footprints of the Incas with sores on your feet. My greatest suggestion is to buy top quality strolling shoes with Gore-Tex.

Wellness Vaccinations

Yellow Fever (if you plan to visit the Amazon.com Container), Typhoid (consists of two injections taken 4 weeks apart), Diphtheria-Tetanus, Polio, Cholera (just when needed), Smallpox

Clinical Kit:

Depending upon what you intend to do you can consist of the following:
Disinfectant cream, aspirin, lomotil for diarrhea, prescription antibiotics, throat lozenges, ear and also eye drops, antacid tablets, motion sickness drug, alcohol swabs, water cleanser, lip salve, foot and groin powder, thermometer (in an instance), surgical tape, assorted sticky plasters, gauze, plasters, butterfly closures, scissors as well as finally, first-aid brochure

Keep in mind: jungle fever tablets are needed in the amazon basin, please understand that those pills are very b and also you ought to get in touch with your doctor before departure

Taking a trip Gear


Obviously a premium quality backpack is a must. Choose the kind that has various areas that can be opened independently. Extremely helpful if you require something promptly. Travel as light as possible. A hefty knapsack is predestined to undermine your taking a trip pleasure.


Rely on where you go. If it’s the mountains and the jungle, obtain some high quality apparel from home. If it’s the coastline, buy your tees there (inexpensive).

Camping as well as Climbing Gear:

You can lease outdoor camping as well as climbing product in South America however the high quality might be questionable. Always examine the product. Bring your very own equipment when possible. I took a trip 18 months with my own outdoor tents and also various camping tools.


Pictures are something individual. Some people simply want some break shots, others wish to publish in the National Geographic. All my pictures were taken with an affordable Nikon F50 cam. Take a look at some incredible photographs at www.travel-amazing-southamerica.com.

I had 2 zoom lenses, a 35-80 mm. and a 70-210mm. I likewise dragged a tripod and also a superb flash with me. I made use of FUJI slides (100 ASA) however you absolutely require 200 to 400 ASA if you prepare to head to the forest. A polarize filter enhances the colours tremendously on sunny days.


South America will certainly accept you with open arms. It’s nature, people as well as history are overwhelming. With the right preparation as well as collection of mind you’re ready for a memorable experience.